WOAH! A ‘Crash Team Racing’ Remaster Is Coming!

WOAH! A ‘Crash Team Racing’ Remaster Is Coming!

The Game Awards 2018 was streamed live on Twitch and YouTube on the 6th December. The awards ceremony celebrates achievements in some of the past year’s video games, as well as give the public an insight into upcoming games. Out of all the trailers shown, there was a particular one that I was anticipating: ‘Crash Team Racing’.
Originally released in 1999 for the PlayStation One, Crash Team Racing was the last Crash Bandicoot game that was developed by Naughty Dog. As of writing, the game has sold over 5 million copies in Japan, Europe and the USA.
Rumours regarding a remaster started circulating via Twitter two days before the ceremony, when the manager for the PlayStation Access channel, Hollie Bennet, tweeted a photo of a pair of orange dice that she had received. This came with a note from an ‘anonymous’ source that read: ‘Sliding into the Game Awards on 6/12’. Immediately, fans stated that ‘sliding’ referred to the racing move within the game, which is used to get around tight corners and U-turns on the game’s various racing tracks. Furthermore, the dice represented Crash’s colourful appearance, as well as being an item that is typically known to be hung around the rear-view mirror of a car.

Well, on the 6th December, these rumours were confirmed as a reveal trailer for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled was shown…and it looks incredible!
Beenox Games will be taking the wheel this time in developing the game, and have built it ‘from the ground up’ according to Activision. The trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the tracks as well as staple characters to the franchise, including Crash and Coco Bandicoot and their enemy Neo Cortex.
It also looks like the game is going to give us another favourite past-time: offline multiplay! This feature is scarce nowadays, with the popularisation of online multiplayer, so I’m happy to see that this feature will not get removed. The game will have online play but, as someone who does not play online multiplayer games, I am glad that the offline option will still be available.
Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled will be released on 21st June 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Just in time for its 20th anniversary!

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