Fall Guys Gets A Hellish Makeover With Doom Costumes!

Fall Guys Gets A Hellish Makeover With Doom Costumes!

It’s well known by now that popular online game Fall Guys offer various costumes of different colours, aesthetics and appearances that can be earned during gameplay. However, the latest update will see two iconic games clash as Devolver Digital and Bethesda have come together for an interesting crossover: Doom costumes for our favourite clumsy beans. Hell hath no fury like an eliminated Fall Guy it seems…

Originally teased back in December, the costumes were due to be announced via a live stream on the 5th January. However, due to technical difficulties, the news had to wait, with Devolver Digital tweeting:

However, that didn’t mean the costumes would never be announced, as a reveal trailer was then released on the 7th January. The short, but sweet trailer showcases the Doomslayer costume stumbling around the Blunderdome. Ending by showing off two more of the ‘Guys’ dressed as Tyrant (complete with metallic leg, large horns and cybernetic laser gun arm) and Cacodemon. If you want to take advantage of this awesome cross over, act quickly as these demonic outfits will only be available for a limited time, starting on the 12th of January!

Despite their horrifying and serious appearance, the design team have managed to make these costumes look adorable and almost akin to a character from Monsters Inc. which is something I never thought I’d see! While the beans’ faces can be seen in the open mouths of the Tyrant and Cacodemon, the Demonslayer’s helmet slightly obscures the face of those who wear this suit, but gosh darn it, doesn’t he look adorable? The attention to detail is fantastic, not only that but it’ll be fun to see these usually very serious characters running, tripping and stumbling around in the Blunderdome.

Doomslayer may have conquered Hell but can he and the other demons conquer the chaos of the Blunderdome?!


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