Players to Get Free Access to COD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Players to Get Free Access to COD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Wars Zombies, a re-imagining of the classic zombie mode that started way back in 2008 was not only a fantastic giant step for a mode that many had considered dead in the water, but was also JumpCut Play’s number one reason to give the latest COD title a spin! Of course, that was combined with the caveat that the mode (while being excellent) was still not enough to warrant a full purchase of the title for those who were only interested in the single-player mode and not the online offerings.

Thankfully, the team at Activision are giving players the chance to experience the latest zombie mode in a full week of free access. Which will be wonderful for anybody who is curious to see what the fuss is about. Following in the footsteps of the various free weekends that Cold War multiplayer has had, among other multiplayer focussed titles, players will be treated to a massive full week of free access to the game-mode, running from January 14th – January 21st.

Call of Duty Zombies Online Free

The date itself may be inline with a potential Call of Duty Zombies celebration. Especially with January 15th being labelled ‘115 Day’, relating to Element 115 which brought about the outbreak and has a massive part in the insanity that is the Zombies lore.

For those who have already been enjoying the title for the past few months, this free look at the mode may be a great way to introduce friends to the co-op centric playstyle and perhaps encouraging others to seek out the full title when a sale inevitably drops later in the year. With the mode supporting up to four players and being increasingly more fun once you get a good group of friends to try and get to those ridiculously high rounds, there will never be a better time to jump in once January 14th.

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