CD Projekt Red facing an investigation from Polish Regulator.

CD Projekt Red facing an investigation from Polish Regulator.

After numerous delays and setbacks, Cyberpunk 2077 finally found its way into the hands of gamers across the world in all its gloriously broken state almost a month ago. It’s safe to say, gamers were not happy with the buggy mess that they received. From facing lawsuits to a vast number of gamers opting to return their games, things are not beginning to look any better for the Poland based developers. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland are stepping in to investigate the situation that seems to be no closer to being under control from CD Projekt Red.

According to an article from Tech Radar, a spokesman from the organization who is leading the investigation stated the following:

“We ask the entrepreneur to explain the problems with the game and the actions taken by him. We will check how the manufacturer is working on introducing corrections or solving difficulties that prevent the game from playing on different consoles, but also how it intends to act concerning people who have complained and are dissatisfied with the purchase due to the inability to play the game on their equipment despite the manufacturer’s previous assurances.”

Despite releasing to initially glowing reviews, it began to come to light that all the reviews released for the game were focussing on the PC version, with media outlets being prohibited from displaying any footage or comments on the console version. Immediately this began to set off alarms, as after months of promising the game would work great on whatever hardware you opted for. Going so far as to label boldly on the promotional work for the title, “Plays great also on Xbox Series X/S and PS5”, as if to imply it ever was going to be anything other than tragic on previous hardware, the title was a disaster on consoles. 

CyberPunk Glitch

Sure, it does fair better on the recently released console generation, with the framerate being smooth throughout and the texture issues being far less egregious than what many gamers were experiencing, yet it certainly is not anything to write home about. Playing on the PS5 version myself, (which only runs via backwards compatibility as of writing), the game is still a far cry away from the visual fidelity we have seen from PS4 titles throughout the entirety of the console’s lifespan. The game is not hideous, as the impressive art-direction is just enough to save it from being a total eye-sore. However, glitches certainly do persist throughout the experience.

Even if you are not bothered by the graphical fidelity of the title, gamers are still disappointed by the seemingly misleading direction that promotional work presented the game to be going in. Many are disappointed with the overall feel of the world when comparing it to the sprawling life-like systems of recent Rockstar titles. Regardless, the entire situation surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 is yet another horrific misfire within the game industry. The release of the title is merely another crack in an already troublesome amount of negative press CD Projekt Red were facing over the entire development cycle.

With games like No Man’s Sky going from a very similar situation and managing to claw its way back to being a game award winner year after year, there is certainly hope for the title. Yet with the damage being so substantial that major news outlets across the world were discussing the release, it is going to be a long and difficult road ahead for the developers. It remains to be seen if this investigation from The Office of Competition and Protection will make matters worse, or perhaps be the real kick that the higher-ups at CD Projekt Red need with potentially losing up to 10% of the company’s annual income being a real possibility depending on the outcome of the investigation.

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