Cold War Zombies Gets First DLC Teaser

Cold War Zombies Gets First DLC Teaser

January 15th is a special in the calendar of Call of Duty zombies fans. Deemed “115 Day”, the namesake is derived from the vital scientific element directly involved with the undead’s creation in the wild decade long lore. With Treyarch offering players a free chance to try out their latest iteration of wave based survival, it seems they’re only just getting started. The subject of what lies ahead in the future for zombies has been fuelling the community since the Cold War’s November release.

The reception to “Die Maschine” has been incredibly positive, bringing in new and returning fans back to zombies together. Despite having a new map to dive into, it was inevitable that the spark for the next chapter would ignite quickly. Originally meant to launch alongside “Die Maschine”, “Firebase Z” is the alleged next location of the Omega v Requiem story. We wager that this map was held back to boost the longevity of the gamemode, rather than including two base maps in the same fashion as older installments ala Black Ops or Black Ops 4.

Based off the campaign mission “Fracture Jaw”, the withheld map would seemingly include a new version of “Shi No Nima” that originally featured in 2008’s World At War.

Well now we have our first taste of where Cold War zombies intends to take us. Treyarch have tweeted out the first hint, in the form of an aged photograph detailing a second Dark Aether location. Fans have long speculated, that in the same vein of integrating “Nacht Der Untoten” into “Die Maschine”, this next map may opt to retrofit a classic map once again. A theory from TheGamingRevolution YouTube channel presented the idea that we could eventually return to fan favourite “Kino Der Toten”. However, based off of this new photograph, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Treyarch ©

What could this mean for the lore? The Dark Aether opening up is the start of a huge arc in itself, suggesting that we may meet familiar characters once again from different universe, despite the multiverse itself closing at the end of original Dark Aether storyline. Seriously, this lore is nuts. If you haven’t caught up on it, there is a fantastic breakdown by BlackOpsAmazing on YouTube.

There is much more to be revealed and we’re hoping Friday brings us something new to feast our eyes upon.

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