Animal Crossing Update Brings the Festivale to Your Island

Animal Crossing Update Brings the Festivale to Your Island

A new year brings a new season, and a new update from the Nintendo hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in the form of the Festivale event! Hosted by Pavé the Dancing Peacock, the Spring Festival update will arrive on your island on the 28th of January, bringing with it colour and feathers! With actual Festivale event that will then take place on the 15th of February.

Throughout this event, players will be able to collect different coloured feathers to create new recipes or give to Pavé for various Festivale themed rewards on the day of the festival. There’s also an opportunity to earn new reactions for your villager!

As well as this, Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters tailor shop will also get new items and costumes, to prep your villagers for the upcoming festivities. Starting from the 1st of February, Able Sisters will start selling festive outfits, which are sure to be all kinds of fabulous!

And that’s not all! From the 1st of February to Valentine’s Day on the 14th, Nook’s Cranny will start selling various items like chocolate hearts and heart bouquets to send to your island pals and maybe that special someone for a limited time! On top of this, there will be Groundhog Day themed items arriving at a later date. 

Just because the winter season is coming to a close doesn’t mean that the celebrations stop for Animal Crossing. The Spring Festival is arriving soon to bring in the new year, and it looks like it’s going to be a colourful affair!

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