Sony VR Patent Will Allow Audiences To Make Decisions For Players While Gaming.

Sony VR Patent Will Allow Audiences To Make Decisions For Players While Gaming.

Sony have filed a patent for Virtual Reality headsets that will allow audiences to make decisions for players in-game. The patent describes how people will be able to participate in games being played by someone wearing the specific VR headset, by either making decisions for them whilst playing the specific game(s) or by just messing with them whilst in-game. 

According to the patent, players will be able to “augment the VR scene based on the spectator inputs in response to the interactive content of the audience participation content.” An example of this could be that players will be able to pick a pathway, or weapon, before telling the headset wearer what decision they have made. The headset wearer will then experience that decision for themselves. This is a great step for Sony, as VR, despite on the surface seems quite a solitary experience, has become quite a social practice, as there is a certain element of humour at watching someone flail around a living room.

These decisions will be made via the participants’ mobile device and will potentially require an app to carry out the specific action. The patent doesn’t say whether the wearer will be able to make decisions too, or whether these decisions will be exclusive to the participants. With the news that PSVR is not supported on PS5, this could be the future of VR for Sony. And, while exciting, it’s unclear as to whether all of the future PSVR games will come with this gimmick if the patent is passed. If it does get passed, then Sony’s future in VR will get very exciting.

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