Our Picks from the UK PSN ‘Critic’s Choice’ Sale

Our Picks from the UK PSN ‘Critic’s Choice’ Sale

Following on from last week’s Remasters and Retro sale on the UK PSN store, another sale has graced our consoles so you can add to your never-ending backlog. The Critic’s Choice sale boasts up 60% off titles that I assume are critically acclaimed, hence the name. To save you the hassle once again, here are 5 picks that are worth considering in this week’s sale.

FIFA 21 Champions edition – Was £79.99, Now £22.39 

Look, before you come to take my game critic card away from me hear me out. I know that FIFA hasn’t exactly got the best reputation in the gaming sphere, being pretty much the same game year after year with extra ways to try and grind some cash from you through the horrific micro-transactions, but at this price, there might be something there for you.

If you have a few friends who are into FIFA or are game for diving in with this sale, then there are a plethora of modes to keep you entertained, well, there’s two or three at least. I do not care for football, I can enjoy it sure, but outside of a fleeting interest, my only real involvement with the sport is through the games. The Pro Clubs mode in FIFA has been a mainstay in my circle of friends for over a decade now, allowing you and up to ten other friends join forces and play as each member of a team against other online teams. It is honestly incredible amounts of fun and has resulted in some unforgettable moments over the years, and with FIFA 21 this mode has been implemented into the VOLTA mode, which is really just 5-aside Street football. 

For this price it is worth the Clubs mode alone, yet if you do find yourself enjoying the core gameplay, then you will be overwhelmed with how many modes and features are at play here, as well as some starting bonuses for the love/hate Ultimate Team mode if you fancy it. Also, you get the PS5 version free too, what’s not to love?

GTAV Premium – Was £29.99, Now £12.59

You most likely own this game, everyone must at this point I think with how many copies it has sold since 2013, but if you don’t then this is a great price to dive into the still incredibly solid title all these years later. The story-mode is still fantastic and provides a lengthy and immensely entertaining romp through the world of Los Santos, yet the often-divisive online mode is where you may find some enjoyment here. If you can get a big group of friends together to take on some heists, or venture into the world of user-created stunt races, then you will find yourself entertained for hours on end. 623 hours on my end, but who’s counting right.

Doom Eternal – Was £54.99, Now £18.14 – Deluxe Edition £26.29

Now for something a lot less questionable, with the most recent outing from the incredibly ill-tempered Doom Slayer himself with Doom Eternal. To cut a long story short, this game kicks so much ass that it is often quite difficult to get your head around at what you are experiencing, as the music blares while you are ripping demons in half with your bare-hands or cutting through them with a chainsaw, it is a sensory melting experience.

Perhaps though the most surprising element of Doom Eternal comes from the resource management via your Ammo, Health and Shields, with these three all being gained through different ways of annihilating the hell-spawn that roam the earth. You are constantly on your toes, with this management aiding Doom in being a brutal challenge at points. Yet this challenge feels oh so good when you best it. Plus, if you are into Doom, the Deluxe Edition which includes the DLC is an extra £8 or so, so a great saving here overall.

FarCry 5: Gold Edition – Was £64.99, Now £16.24

With FarCry 6 being just around the corner, it might be a good time to hop back to the last numbered entry in the franchise with FarCry 5. After not being incredibly impressed with the 4th entry, FarCry 5 does a lot to make the player become engrossed in this world of cults and Mad-Max like street violence on the roads. With a central villain that is quite unforgettable at times and a lengthy campaign that can be played entirely in 2-player co-op, there is certainly a lot here to keep you busy. 

Better yet, with this being the gold edition of the game, you are also getting yourself the three solid pieces of DLC, as well as the HD remaster of the iconic FarCry 3 bundled in as well. This could be the best bang for your buck this week if it were not one for one more title.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition – Was £34.99, Now £6.99

I know that Cyberpunk: 2077 is the punching bag of the gaming world right now, but CD Projekt Red’s last outing is still one of the best action-RPGs of all-time, and most likely always will be. At £6.99 you are getting the already massive Witcher 3, but also the equally huge two major DLC packs for the game, making this a deal that is honestly baffling to get your head around. 

If you are going to buy anything on sale this week, this is the one to get.

Again there are tons of games on sale this week, so whatever you do decide to pick up, make sure it is a good one and let us know over on Twitter at @JumpCut_PLAY what you went for!

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