Our Picks from the ‘PSPlus Double Discounts’ UK Sale

Our Picks from the ‘PSPlus Double Discounts’ UK Sale

This weeks PSN sale is an odd one, the other sales from previous weeks are still running so be sure to peek at our previous sale recommendations, but this week the store is opting for a double discount format for those who have a PSPlus subscription. Those without are still able to purchase games at a somewhat decent sale-price, yet the real stormers come in those double discounts. Keep this in mind as I give me the top five best deals of the week for the latest PSN sale.

Tekken 7 – Was £39.99, Now £3.99

While this does not include the ridiculous amount of season passes that add some additional fighters, there is a strong argument to be made that this is without a doubt the best deal this week. While I haven’t enjoyed the series since the days of Tag Tournament and even Tekken 3, Tekken 7 is still an incredibly solid entry in the long-running series. At £3.99 you really cannot go wrong here, with the online modes potentially presenting some fun distractions for you and some mates, plus the platinum is super easy if that is your thing.

Hitman 2: Gold Edition – Was £79.99, Now £15.99

That initial price may be an absolute travesty, yet that new low price of £15.99 is a great one for two reasons. Firstly, Hitman 2 is just a fantastic game, so get that along with a couple more areas to explore and spend hours in, trying to find the most creative and effective ways of taking out your given target makes for a great time no matter what. Yet the real kicker for me here is that you can import levels from both Hitman 1 and 2 into the newly released Hitman 3, which our writer Aaron Bayne gave a glowing review just recently. If like me you owned Hitman 2 but not the extra DLC found in this edition, this sale also provides a great chance to complete your Hitman collection and grab the bonus content for just £6.59, meaning you can now have everything Hitman in one neat package.

Skyrim Special Edition + Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y Bundle – Was £55.99, Now £16.79

Another deal that speaks for itself here, with two massive titles that could potentially provide hundreds of hours of entertainment for those who take the plunge. Granted, if you don’t own Skyrim by this point then what is going on? But if somehow you don’t, this price is worth it alone just for that, let’s face it, far superior title compared to the Fallout game bundled here. Not to say Fallout 4 is a bad game by any means, but Skyrim is on a whole different level in comparison. Then again, it may be a nice change of pace switching between the two games at your leisure, so this is a bundle worth picking up for the uninitiated considering to get Skyrim by itself is only a single pound less.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition – Was £34.99, Now £10.49

Although I am not sure what is being celebrated here, the sheer fact that the once despised title has clambered its way back to being a game that is an incredibly fun experience for any kind of Star Wars fan is perhaps the real celebration here. Our Editor-in-Chief Sam put together a piece that details why you should give Battlefront 2 a second chance, so be sure to give that a look and see if this is a title worth nabbing this week. 

Dreams – Was £34.99, Now £17.49

Considering this game from the team behind Little Big Planet isn’t even a year old yet, to get it at this price is an absolute steal. Dreams is a game that oozes creativity, essentially that is the entire point of it all, giving players the tools to create their own games, animations, music, really almost anything can be dreamed up here. I have seen remakes of PT, re-creations of classic games, and of course a wide array of original and inspiring ideas as I surfed across the vast amount of content available in Dreams. The beauty of it is that the more who dive into Dreams, the further the title will grow, as more and more creative players get their hands on the tools provided. Even better is that Dreams is fully playable in PSVR, with even that PT remake I mentioned being playable, so good luck!

Did you pick up anything on sale this week? If so head over to our Twitter and let us know!

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