The Mortal Kombat Movie Releases its First Full Trailer

The Mortal Kombat Movie Releases its First Full Trailer

Get over here!!! Warner Bros and HBO Max have released the first full trailer of their upcoming video game adaptation Mortal Kombat in all of its violent, bloody glory. The beat-em-up is set to release in the US in both cinemas and HBO Max on April 16th

Previously we had only got a small teaser as part of the HBO Max/Warner Bros. partnership trailer, however, we were blessed with two-and-a-half minutes stacked full of fan favourite characters, from Scorpion to Goro, Sonya to Lui Kang. 

Mortal Kombat promises to be a faithful and gory incarnation of the long-running videogame series and fans would be quick to notice the inclusion of some iconic weapons and moves- from Scorpions kunai to Sub-Zero’s frozen blood knife. 

The story will follow MMA fighter Cole Young who has been invited to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament, indicated by a rather familiar-looking “birthmark”, and will face off against the enemies of the Outworld alongside Earth’s greatest champions. Sub-Zero looks to be the primary antagonist of the film, but there are sure to be plenty of big bad guys, deserving of grizzly ends. 

Feedback from fans across Twitter appears to be generally positive, noting the faithful costume designs and the uncensored gore, which has become a staple of the franchise, with the ruthless Fatalities being the end goal for each face-off in the video game. Fingers crossed we will be getting to see plenty of fatalities when the movie drops. 

Despite its approaching release date, with cinemas still firmly closed here in the UK, there has been no official announcement on a UK release. However, if the digital release of Wonder Woman 1984 is anything to go by, Britain-based Mortal Kombat fans may be able to rent the film on services such as Amazon Prime, shortly after that of the US. 

Mortal Kombat is set to release on April 16th. 

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