Our Picks from the UK PSN ‘PlayStation Indies’ Sale

Our Picks from the UK PSN ‘PlayStation Indies’ Sale

This week there are over nine-hundred titles on sale, so the following five are just a snippet of what is on offer this week, with there being a game for every type of player this week. With that said, here are my recommendations if you cannot bring yourself to go through the entire sale.

Oxenfree – Was £7.99, Now £0.79

Any game at the price of £0.79 should be nabbed no matter what, yet Oxenfree isn’t just any game, it is one of the biggest surprises I have had in recent memory. Nabbing it in a previous sale on the Nintendo Switch, the short story, while only lasting a few hours, went in directions I could never have anticipated from the opening moments, with the entire tale working as a part horror, part teen drama type of narrative. The gameplay does come down to making dialogue choices and traversing through the gorgeous 2D landscapes, yet for this insane price, Oxenfree is more than worth a look at.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted – Bundle – Was £28.99, Now £14.49

While this game can be played on a flatscreen, the real joy of this collection of the infamous jump-scare galore franchise comes within the entire game being supported on PSVR. Those aware of the simple gameplay may have just begun to sweat at the thought of an animatronic screaming in your face virtually, yet the often-redundant loop of the series is elevated to incredibly tense heights within the realm of PSVR. The bundle also features the Halloween themed Curse of the Dread Bear DLC to boot, which again is available in VR. With a surprising amount of polish and content, there is plenty here for fans of cheap thrills to get stuck into.

Five Nights at Freddy's

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PSVR ONLY) – Was £32.99, Now £23.09

With the Oculus Quest port of this Zombie survival slasher receiving a glowing 9/10 review from yours truly, the PSVR version is very much the same here. With the power of the PlayStation comes improved graphical fidelity, while at the same time sacrificing the freedom felt with the wireless nature of the Quest. Even with that said, Saints & Sinners is such a solid game in the majority of everything it strives for, thanks to arguably the best melee mechanics in any VR title to date. With the added horde mode being now present in the game, you are getting more bang for your buck than ever before with this VR exclusive title.

The Walking Dead

Moonlighter: Complete Edition – Was £18.99, Now £9.49

A cross between the classic style of dungeon crawler found in games like The Binding of Isaac meets the money management elements of Stardew Valley in this incredibly addictive title. Players are tasked with running their shop, deciding the best prices for each of the items that will ensure willing customers don’t turn their nose away at them, while the items themselves are gained via your nightly ventures into the local dungeons. Filled with dangerous enemies and brutal bosses, like the best rogue-likes, with each attempt you will only find yourself getting more capable of defeating the numerous encounters. With the money gained in the shop, more upgrades can be purchased and thus the loop of the game begins to settle in. It is a simple one, but for those who click with the core concept, this is a game to lose yourself in for a solid number of hours.


Undertale – Was £11.99, Now £8.39

While it certainly is not the most drastic sale discount this week, there is a lot to be said about Undertale, and I don’t think this is the place to do so. Despite the reputation of the game being in flux, from cringe overload to a highly celebrated lite-RPG, I fall heavily in the camp of celebrating the sheer joy this game brings me. If you can go into it blind -which I know is impossible thanks to the iconic Megalovania- you will be treated with an absolute blast of a game, full of great humour, shocking twists and a great core mechanic within the RPG style battles.

What can be a four-hour run, turned into a thirty-hour adventure for me thanks to multiple playthroughs offering a substantially different experience across the game. For those unfamiliar, Undertale allows you to spare all enemies within the game via some creative ways of chatting away to the given encounter. However, once a player opts to dive into the other route of murdering anyone and everyone, be ready for a gruelling challenge that took me hours upon hours to finish thanks to a particular boss fight. Sure, Megalovania is a great song, but my word does it bring some flashbacks of a lot of pain and nearly broken controllers. All I can really say about Undertale is, just give it a go, chances are you will be enchanted like so many others were and continue to be.

Undertale Indie Sale

What did you pick out of the 900 games on sale? This list didn’t even scratch the surface so be sure to tweet us any other highlights over at our Twitter!

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