Ripley and the Xenomorph Join the Hunt in Fortnite

Ripley and the Xenomorph Join the Hunt in Fortnite

This season of Fortnite has been crossover galore, with hunters ranging from Halo’s Master Chief to Kratos from God of War making their way through the Zero Point. With the plethora of crossovers, there has been constant speculation and excitement as to who is coming next, last week we had the incredibly fun Street Fighter pack, and this week it’s time for something completely different, but possibly one of the best things to grace the Fortnite store: Alien

This has been rumoured for a while, especially with Predator being the hidden skin for the season. They have crossed paths a couple of times in Alien vs Predator and it’s sequel; so it would only make perfect sense for them to meet on the Battle Royale island. These rumours (or rather, hopes) were all but confirmed when players began to hear familiar terrifying Xenomorph noises coming from one of the portals; this was further confirmed when this image leaked on Twitter of Ripley and the Xenomorph side by side.

Low and behold, with today’s shop update came the Fortnite pack that my dreams are made of. As soon as you log in you are greeted with a short, but surreal video of Ripley in her Aliens gear dashing away from a hoard of Xenomorphs, and who is greeting her in the lift with a means of escape? The one and only Jonesy (no, not the cat). 

To make things even more epic, the actual items in the store are even better than I had anticipated. The accessories are what I expected, P-500 Power Loader Arm Pickaxe, the Cheyenne Dropship Glider; which undoubtedly are extremely awesome, but the main stars are the skins. Two are available in this crossover: Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph. 

The Xenomorph is in its Alien style, with a smooth head and more human posture; which makes a lot of sense for Fortnite as it works well with the library of emotes. Let me tell you, seeing the Xenomorph doing Gangnam Style is pure gold; but it’s a display I feel would have H.R. Giger rolling in his grave. With the skin comes a built-in emote designed to terrify your opponents on the battlefield and another general emote that reinvents the classic chest-burster scene with a Fortnite twist. 

Ellen Ripley, (iconically played by Sigourney Weaver) was absolutely my most anticipated part of this whole crossover, did not disappoint. Firstly you get both herAlien and Aliens styles, which are two absolutely iconic looks. Epic Games have really done a fantastic job at getting all of the details in both her face and her outfits, right down to her Reebok boots.

Alien Jonesy Backpack Fortnite

On top of this is possibly the best item in the pack and that’s Ripley’s back bling, which is a cat carrier that has Jonesy (the actual cat this time) popping out every so often. It is just perfect and such a great detail to add to this already iconic set of skins. 

There have been some really awesome skins in the store in Fortnite this season and the Alien crossover didn’t disappoint at all. The creativity and attention to detail that has been put into them is truly wonderful especially for huge fans of the films. I for one can’t wait to traipse around the island as the Xenomorph. 

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