Final Fantasy VII: Remake – All the Reveals from Last Night

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – All the Reveals from Last Night

Sony’s latest State of Play presentation provided some more information on the PS5/PS4 titles that will be releasing in the next few months. While there were no huge surprises of any kind, the event was concluded with the long-rumoured reveal of the next-gen upgrade for Final Fantasy VII: Remake. The game was of the JumpCut Play team members top game of 2020, (including me), so the reveal was the absolute stand-out of the event for many. Square Enix continued to reveal some more FF7R news across their media platforms, with it becoming incredibly overwhelming in typical Square fashion. To keep you in the know, here is a run-down of all the announcements that were released last night regarding the expanding franchise of Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade (New DLC)

Before the expected PS5 upgrade, we were presented with a look at a brand-new piece of story content for FF7R, focussing on fan favourite Yuffie. For those familiar with the original PS1 title, Yuffie was always going to be an inevitable reveal for Part 2 of the remake, yet to see her here wandering the slums of Midgar before Part 2 is a welcome surprise. The DLC appears to be a meaty piece of content too, with the presentation displaying gameplay that seemed of that same high quality that was present in the core-game; with those stunning cinematics and incredibly fluent gameplay all remaining present in the reveal trailer. How much the DLC will lead into the eventual Part 2 remains to be seen, (as does the cost of the DLC by itself), yet sadly it was revealed that the DLC will only be available for those who purchase the new PS5 version of the game via the Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade, or as a separate purchase for those who are eligible for the free upgrade. Speaking of that upgrade…

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade (PS5 Upgrade)

As soon as the footage started playing, running at a butter smooth 60fps, a feature that fans of the game had been praying for since the PS5 was unleashed across the globe; it was clear what was coming. What was already one of the most gorgeous games of the last generation is now looking even better, with players being given the now-familiar option of choosing to have a 4K resolution, or a 60fps performance mode.

Along with the two graphical options, the upgrade features a whole slew of other enhancements, with textures receiving a lofty upgrade as well as what seems to be a completely revamped lighting system. From the comparison photos shown in the stream, it was hard to grasp how major the differences were between the PS4 and the PS5 versions, yet as with most games’ things will certainly be noticeable once the game lands in our hands this June. The presentation also displays the newly improved loading times thanks to the rapid SSD of the PS5, with the wait time being practically non-existent.

Perhaps the most exciting addition for some is the inclusion of the photo-mode, which will provide players with the opportunity to capture the stunning beauty of Midgar in any way they see fit. It would have been great to see some of these features like the photo-mode being added to the PS4 version for those without a PS5, yet it is clear that Square Enix is treating this package as being fulfilling enough to warrant an entirely new game.

Both the upgrade and the DLC drop on the 10th of June later this year.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Free with PSPlus in March

Another huge reveal came this morning as the PSPlus games for March were revealed, with FF7R headlining the package of four games. Considering the game hasn’t even been out for a year now, to have it offered as a free game for those subscribed to PSPlus is nothing short of incredible. While the upgrade to the PS5 version will not be offered to those who only own this free version, that is a small sacrifice to make for one of 2020s best games.

Be sure to check out our Best of 2020 video on our YouTube channel, which details why the game is so special to many of our team members

Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider (Mobile Battle Royale)

Nothing says going too far quite like turning your franchise into a battle royale, yet Square Enix revealed this new mobile-exclusive game via their YouTube channel shortly after the State of Play concluded. Taking place thirty years before the events of FF7, The First Solider does in all honesty look impressive visually for a mobile game, but my word does it look strange. With the video having a near 50/50 split in like to dislikes, the game has certainly caused a bit of a stir and it is easy to see why. FF7 has gone from a game that was clambering for a remake for two decades to now ending up as a battle royale with Chocobos running around dodging machine gunfire. The scariest part is that if Nomura does what Nomura does best, you can bet that this game will have some crucial story details down the line.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider is scheduled to release later this year.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis 

Shockingly, another mobile title was revealed at the same time, yet this title proved to be the most exciting part of the reveals for me, with the titled Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis serving as a, wait for it, another remake of FF7.

As ridiculous as that is, the mobile-only title seems to adopt the style of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, with the footage displaying the opening bombing mission with a very distinct yet incredibly faithful style. Ever Crisis is opting to be a more traditional remake of FF7, keeping the forced camera angles as well as the old dialogue, yet the battle scenes shown looked ripped right out of FF7R, with the graphics being pretty mind-blowing considering the hardware.

It does not stop there, as the trailer revealed that this mobile project would be released episodically, covering not only FF7 but also the entire Final Fantasy VII Compilation, from the PSP titles all the way to the animated film Advent Children also being included. The whole thing is very strange, but I would be completely lying if I told you it doesn’t look brilliant. If done correctly, this remake could bring those fans who wished for a more classical update of the original title what they have been looking for, just a shame it is locked to mobile for now. 

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is scheduled for a 2022 release.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Soundtrack coming to streaming platforms

Finally, a small but more than welcomed announcement as the Final Fantasy VII: Remake OST is making its way to music streaming platforms such as Spotify from today! I know I have sung a lot of the games praises already, but the music featured in the game might just be my all-time favourite gaming soundtrack, so to have it available in such an accessible way is a great bookend to this huge amount of news.

While we didn’t see any information on Final Fantasy VII: Remake Part II, it is clear that Square Enix are fully onboard with this project, and there is going to be a lot more to come from the world of FF7 over the next few years.

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