Our Picks from the UK PSN ‘Mega March’ Sale

Our Picks from the UK PSN ‘Mega March’ Sale

Following on from a somewhat lacking week of PSN sale, Sony once again seems to be going full steam ahead with ensuring that you make that back catalogue of games reach a point of no return, with plenty of great PS4 titles on sale. Got a PS5 and played about two actual PS5 games? Then join me as I take you back with some titles that you could have played half a decade ago on this week’s roundup!

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection – Was £39.99, Now £13.99

Starting with my first purchase of the week, (my bank account shudders at my specific use of the word “first”), is the remastered trilogy of three classic Assassin’s Creed games from the 360/PS3 generation. While the franchise has now gone full RPG mode with the recent trilogy of games, the three games featured here are a great flashback to a somewhat simpler time for the series. Sure, the yearly instalments that followed on from Assassin’s Creed II with Brotherhood and Revelations working as the two other titles in this collection may have been the beginning of the end in so many ways for the downfall of the series that if suffered for a short while, yet these three titles are some great highs in the longrunning series. For the price alone it could be worth the excellent ACII, so to have the two sequels bundled in makes this a deal that I, (and maybe you too), couldn’t skip.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Was £24.99, Now £7.49

Standing as one of the few movie tie-in games that were shockingly quite good, a remaster of the title from 2009 wasn’t exactly the front of anyone’s minds, so to see if come out of nowhere back in 2019 was certainly a bit of a shock. While the original asking price was pretty good for the fans of the franchise or the game itself, this price of £7.49 makes things far easier to recommend. For fans of the films, this is a game that understands the source material to such an impressive degree, that even if you find yourself losing interest in the gameplay at any point, the small references and the devotion to the world is more than enough to carry you through the narrative. Telling the story of a Ghostbusters 3 film that never came to fruition, this is a blast from end to end for those who are a fan of the classic 80s comedy, while for everyone else is a pretty solid ghosthunting adventure.

Little Nightmares – Was £15.99, Now £3.99

With the release of the second game receiving a whopping 10/10 from our own Megan Williams, now is the perfect time to go back and catch up on the original title which thankfully was also a massive critical success. Blending horror with 3D platforming, many reviewers were critical of the lacking platforming fidelity but were more than impressed with the unique presentation style, which in turn only enhanced the horror aspects of the title. With so many games struggling to deliver a solid horror experience in recent years, Little Nightmares might just be the title you need to get under your skin for a spooky evening.

Inside – Was £15.99, Now £3.99

Coming from the team at PlayDead who brought us the excellent Limbo, Inside is arguably an even better game than that. Controlling a silent child who makes his way into and through the depths of a mysterious facility, there is a lot to read into with Inside, with the plot being ambiguous in some areas and pretty forthcoming in others. Yet the magic of Inside comes within how it delivers this narrative, with no cutscenes and no voice-work, everything must be delivered contextually to the player, be it in the background or within a small scripted sequence to move you on your quest. Being another puzzle platformer, the gameplay can often be far too much trial and error, yet even with that pitfall the few hours you will have with Inside are incredibly unforgettable, and at this price, it is a no-brainer. 

Friday the 13th: The Game – Was £11.59, Now £3.83

The big caveat with this one as that the dedicated servers tragically shut down last October, with the only method of playing being peer-to-peer matchmaking, yet if you and enough friends can get a game going you will not be disappointed here. Considering when this first launched my and some mates put down over £30 for purchase here, to see it at this price is somewhat a stinger, yet with the amount of fun, the game is was well worth that original price at the time. Whilst it was free on PSPlus a while back if you missed it you now have the second chance to dive into another faithful movie tie-in title with this asymmetric multiplayer title. Sure Dead by Daylight is the champion of the genre right now, but Friday the 13th has always been the more enjoyable game to me, due to the downright goofiness of it all that the game wonderfully embraces.

Hopefully, this gave you some starting points with this new sale, as I try my best to not spend too much cash on some great games here. Let us know what you think of the sale over at our Twitter

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