Nintendo Indie World Showcase Roundup

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Roundup

Yesterday saw Nintendo’s first Indie World presentation of 2021. This presentation is a 20-minute showcase of indie games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. And, despite the short run time, a lot of games were announced!

The showcase opened strongly with Digixart announcing their latest project, Road 96. This is an adventure game that takes place on a road trip, where the player will take the role of three characters as they progress through different stories and pathways. The visuals are gorgeous, and the concept is intriguing. It’s definitely grabbed my interest and is a good start to the presentation.

Aerial Knight’s new game Never Yield revealed its first trailer. This is a free-running platformer, similar to Temple Run, all with an awesome soundtrack to accompany it. The art style is vibrant and colourful, and the gameplay looks fun and could be challenging. The release date was also revealed to be 19th May this year. 

Annapurna (Outer Wilds, Journey) then announced their next two games Last Stop, which comes out in July 2021, and Hindsight, which comes out later this year. While the gameplay of these games wasn’t shown, the art styles look beautiful and enough is shown to grab players’ attention. Another game that is sure to grab attention is Skul: The Hero Slayer by SouthPAW Games. This is an RPG wherein the player controls a demon that has to fight against the heroes who are trying to complete their missions; essentially the reverse of what is expected from the typical hero’s tale. This reverse of roles and the concept has definitely caught my interest and the gameplay looks challenging too.

To add to this, there were a few surprise sequel announcements as well as some existing games that will be getting their very own Switch port.

Roll7’s latest OlliOlli World looks extremely fun. While the gameplay of the previous entry OlliOlli never held my interest, the visuals were still colourful and charming, and the sequel looks to bring those visuals to the Switch on a bigger scale. The obscure, Stanley Parable-esque game There Is No Game will be coming to Switch, an announcement that I was very happy to see since I am a fan of the PC port. 

Another announcement I was happy about but was only briefly mentioned at the end of the presentation was The House of the Dead remake. A release date has not been announced for this, but this is a game I will be happy to revisit from my own console instead of an arcade machine. If players were looking for another blast from the past, then Dotemu and Tribute Games will be bringing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game to the Switch. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is an 8-bit sidescroller fighting game with the famous turtle group! As a TMNT fan who only played one of the Nintendo DS games, I am very excited about this announcement. The visuals look amazing and even from the short amount of gameplay that’s shown, it’s clear that care went into recreating the look of the classic Turtles games. Like most games presented in Indie World, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge will be released later this year.

Two more noteworthy announcements were the Switch port of Fez and Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Despite the behind-the-scenes issues of the 2013 platforming hit, I enjoyed Fez. It was adorable, easy to understand and had a unique concept at the time so I’m looking forward to revisiting this game. But it was Oxenfree that, arguably, interrupted the ending of Indie World.  While I have yet to play the first game, I have seen videos of its gameplay and liked the look of it. So, this entry is one that I will definitely be checking out. At first glance, it seems reminiscent of Stranger Things and appears to have a sci-fi feel to it, as well as being mysterious. 

Overall, Nintendo’s Indie World presentation was enjoyable. A few sequels and ports were announced, as well as some amazing looking, and interesting, games. And, despite my gaming backlog being a good size, I still look forward to purchasing, and playing, these games when they are released!

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