Warzone X Cold War: Season 3 weapon recommendations (May)

Warzone X Cold War: Season 3 weapon recommendations (May)

May 7th saw the latest round of nerfing to current player favourites such as the Streetsweeper, AMAX, Fara 83 and Bullfrog SMG. Naturally, outcries have already began to ripple across the Verdansk skies. It isn’t all bad though, as there are still a few reliable weapons that can dominate close and long range encounters, despite encountering their own nerfs in the past. Here are our recommendations for Season 3 as it stands.

MAC 10

A Mac 10 Sub Machine Gun.
© Activision

Even in the face of a nerf not long after it drilled down opponents from the get-go, this SMG can still get you out of a pinch in heated interior or close up battles. Others may tend to go for less bullets in favor of the ADS and reload speed bump (still at the lower end with a 2 second speed, only outmatched by 1.65 second speed of the LC-10), we can still attest to having those extra when it comes to ensuring you emerge victorious. Those 15 or so extra bullets might just be the decider for advancing to those late game circles.

The Mac-10 boasts a ludicrous 1118 RPM, making it the fastest in the SMG class. Infuriating to be blasted down by, but oh so glorious to eliminate foes.


An Amax Assault Rifle.
© Activision

This mid to long range beast is still as reliable as ever. Held up by the massive accuracy buffs through gunsmith alone, the AMAX is a versatile assault rifle that is unsurprisingly still a staple of Warzone veterans like JackFrags. Like most weapons in this class, reloads will always be a game deciding endeavor. If you’d prefer to sacrifice a small amount of accuracy at range, we’d recommend using Sleight of Hand to stay frosty in frantic battles.


An AN 94 assault rifle.
© Activision

Often overlooked in favor of the AK-47 or AMAX, the AN-94 is an accuracy machine that sacrifices rate of fire for long range power. It also sports better mobility than some of its class alternatives, making it an option for the faster paced players out there. It might be slower, the AN-94 still packs a punch.


A GRAU assault rifle.
© Activision

That’s right. Another fan-base favorite that was sent to the nerfing pit. Nonetheless, the tried and true Grau is still a supremely great choice as your primary for any loadout setup you decide to go for. Effective at any range, the Grau is a iron clad icon ready to lead your squad to that precious dub.

“It just works.”

Bullfrog SMG

Image Credit: https://www.reddit.com/user/fatb0/ (© Activision)

Per the recent patch notes, the Bullfrog has now become a competitive choice in the SMG class. Looking at the new statistical data below, you can see why this Nickmercs approved weapon will soon became the reason we scream obscenities into the gulag. With headshot multiplier damage that takes it to the top of the TTK table, we hope to get out of any battles we encounter with this unscathed.

Maximum Damage decreased from 34 to 32

Maximum Damage Range increased by 11%

Base Move Speed increased by 1%

Sprint Out Speed increased by 13%

Have you discovered a new weapon fit for victory royale? Let us know over at twitter.

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