Overwatch 2: Baptiste and Sombra designs shown

Overwatch 2: Baptiste and Sombra designs shown

During Summer Game Fest, Aaron Keller, the new game director of Overwatch 2, announced the designs of two new heroes, Sombra and Baptiste. These redesigns follow a PVP-stream where Keller announced the changes made from Overwatch to Overwatch 2, mainly the move from 6v6 to 5v5. To make sure these gameplay changes go smoothly, the team has to look at every single hero individually. “It should feel new, yet familiar to fans of our strategic team-based combat,” Keller assured.

The most striking difference is that the developers use new hair shader technology, meaning that the haircuts of our beloved heroes will look better than ever. For Baptiste this results in a mohawk look. His shawl also looks smaller or more integrated in his outfit.

Sombra’s hair hasn’t really changed that much, it just seems like it got a bit freshened up. It also seems to be a lighter shade of purple, suiting the lighter tones in the rest of her outfit. Instead of black accents, the master hacker now rocks some beautiful pastel gradients in her outfit.

Overwatch is a team-based shooter available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox. Cross-play is currently in beta, but has been announced with the newest Battle.net update. There is still no firm release date for Overwatch 2.

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