Phantom Abyss Coming To Early Access

Phantom Abyss Coming To Early Access

Get your whip out and leap over treacherous chasms in procedurally-generated temples in Phantom Abyss.

Showcased as part of Devolver Digitial’s E3 presentation, Phantom Abyss is a massive asynchronous multiplayer game, where players have to retrieve sacred relics hidden in deadly chambers. Dodge scores of hidden traps and flee relentless guardians in your search for the rare relics or more likely, fall to your death. Once you’ve failed a temple or accepted a less relic, that’s it – you’re never going to see it again. You can check out the trailer below.

The phantoms in each temple represent failed attempts from other players, so don’t follow them too closely, otherwise you’ll be led to the same doom. Whether those phantoms are strangers or your Steam friends – Temple Codes can be shared to friends – you can steal their whips when they die, providing you don’t follow them to your death. 

Players can also make offerings at altars throughout each temple, gaining a new blessing for the rest of that run. That might be a double jump, more protection from damage or something unknown; faith is a little bit like that though right? The deeper into the temple players venture, the more valuable the relic, with the final legendary relic allowing you to claim the temple as your own, making it disappear forever.

Alongside all the cool relics players will seek, there are also unlockable whips. While whips can carry a minor blessing, they will also carry a curse so, be careful what you whip for.  You can check it out on Early Access from 22 June 2021 on Steam.

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