Recolit Lights The Way in New Trailer
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Recolit Lights The Way in New Trailer

Recolit is a pixel art mystery adventure game developed and published by Image Labo. You explore a strange little town by following the trails of “light” and helping the residents along the way by using illuminated items to progress the story.

“All alone in this pitch black world, the only thing I can do is to chase after the hints of humanity that remain.” Recolit’s premise is mysterious to say the least. There’s not that much known about the game except this trailer, which definitely adds to the mystery.

On Twitter the developer clarified that it’s “a fun-filled puzzle solving game that allows you to play ordinary everyday life in a little extraordinary situation”. So at least that gives people an idea of the genre before jumping in.

The music in this trailer is definitely reminiscent of games like Stardew Valley. Pair that with the cute bitstyle and you have a perfect match for a promising indie game.

Recolit currently has a demo version available on Mac and Windows. While there’s no release date yet, the Steam page clarifies that it’s “coming soon”. Image Labo aims to release on consoles as well, but there’s no news for that yet.

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