Roguelike Despot’s Game Announced
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Roguelike Despot’s Game Announced

Konfa Games showed off their latest roguelike game Despot’s Game. In this roguelike, you create a human army to fight the turbo-charged battles for you. Sacrifice your pawns and get to the end of the dungeon.

A group of people wake up naked in a dungeon, with no memories of how they got there. Your job is to dress them up and give them weapons, or whatever can be used to fight. Weapons can transform your humans into ninjas, wizards or cultists, each with their own class perks.

Because you don’t actually fight the battles yourself, you can fully focus on the strategic parts of this game. Split-second reflexes that are usually required for rogue games, aren’t needed this time around.

The dungeons are randomly generated and once you get far enough in the game, there’s a chance you will end up against other players in the ultimate battle of tactics.

Despotism 3K is another roguelite by Konfa Games, so it’s not their first rodeo. Both games share a similar artstyle and a similar sense of humour .

Despot’s Game is coming soon to Steam. The developers also give frequent updates on Despot’s Game in their Discord and on their Steam page, where you can also find a demo.

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