Tracks Of Thought Demo Available Now
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Tracks Of Thought Demo Available Now

Jump aboard a train filled with bugs to confront and work with in the Tracks of Thought demo, available right now on Steam. Announced during today’s Wholesome Direct, the demo will be available until 18th June 2021.

Initially announced back in January 2021, the title is developed and published by Dutch studio Tidbits Play. Tracks of Thought is a self-exploration RPG which is shaped by your personality and your actions. Players will have to interact and team up with bugs they come across on the train, engaging in conflicts through card-based battles to try and find some common ground.

Your interactions with the other passengers on the train, along with all your other choices will shape the game for each player. Some bugs might appreciate you asking them questions, others, well they’re not so big on social interaction and just want to be left alone (and there is nothing wrong with that). Not every passenger is so keen on helping you out though, and resolving conflict comes in the form of card-based battles come in.

'Pick an Approach' in Tracks of Thought
Will you be Direct or be a little bit more sensitive in your approach?

Your deck is based on your personality, so while you might excel in battles that require logic and reasoning, you might struggle when you need to be sensitive or inspiring to a fellow bug. Overcoming your weaknesses and working together is the only way to win, as no-one wins if both you and your opponent run out of health.

Using Approach, Action and Bonus cards will help you fill up the Progress bar to solve conflicts, but be careful, as every bug is going to react differently. Sometimes, you won’t have the cards needed to progress, and you’ll need to earn them as rewards from other passengers.

You can check out the new trailer below and download the demo from Steam until 18 June 2021.

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