Fallout ’76 Visits The Pitt And Reveals Steel Reign DLC!
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Fallout ’76 Visits The Pitt And Reveals Steel Reign DLC!

Rising from the nuclear ashes and stepping into E3’s Xbox and Bethesda’s panel was Fallout 76. Developed by Bethesada, the action RPG game was released in 2018 and acted as a prequel to the franchise. And it continues to drag its feet with two brand new gameplay DLC’s: Steel Reign and The Pitt. Which, admittedly, look pretty cool.

Steel Reign sees players conclude the story of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline, which sees tensions reach boiling point between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin, all while super mutants threaten to swarm the area. With tensions rising, it is up to the player to decide which direction the brotherhood will go in and discover the origins of the super mutants. Steel Reign will be free for Fallout 76 players on July 7th, 2021.

The other DLC is The Pitt. A 1-minute teaser was shown for this at Xbox and Bethesda’s panel, which sees a pilot stuck outside Appalachia and in the destroyed area of The Pitt. The teaser is creepy, striking but also looks intriguing. But older fans might also recognize this location from 2008’s Fallout 3! Players will be able to revisit The Pitt in 2022.

While Fallout 76 may have flopped on release, it looks to be slowly improving in quality. And, the introduction of these two DLC’s definitely make it more interesting and intriguing.

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