Hades Coming To GamePass In August

Hades Coming To GamePass In August

Escape to the surface (and romance the Hell of out anyone) all over again when Hades makes its debut on a new console this summer.

That’s right, one of the standout games of 2020, Supergiant Games’ Hades, is heading to Xbox consoles and GamePass on 13 August. Announced during Microsoft’s E3 showcase, the winner of over 50 Game of the Year awards released out of Early Access last September, on PC and Nintendo Switch,

Inspired by Greek mythology, the part rougelike/action-RPG/dating simulator, sees Zagreus (son of Hades) attempting to break out of his immortal prison and reach the surface of the Earth. As you can imagine, old father dearest isn’t too impressed by this, but thankfully there are some Olympian relatives who do want to help. Collecting Boons from your distant cousins such as Zeus and Ares will help you on a single run, with some boons synergising with others better than others.

But it’s the relationships that you build with each of the characters in the game that made this rougelike stand out from the crowd. And some relationships can get a bit closer than others, from Gods to Demonic foes, Zagreus is a bit of a flirt around Hell.

You can check out the full reveal trailer below.


One of the most difficult aspects of a rougelike is how to integrate a story into a game that sees players start from the begin inning every time they die. In Hades, Supergiant have created a story that revolves entirely around death, with characters often commenting on your last untimely demise or in some cases, openly mocking you about it.

Recently winning the ‘Best Game’ category at the 2021 BAFTA Games Awards and receiving 9 nominations at last year’s The Game Awards, this is a huge get for GamePass owners. It even looks like there will be a physical edition of the game released on Xbox consoles, as shown at the end of the trailer.

Hades is coming to Xbox GamePass on August 13.

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