‘Psychonauts 2’ Gets Gameplay Trailer At E3!
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‘Psychonauts 2’ Gets Gameplay Trailer At E3!

During E3’s Xbox & Bethesda panel, we had an exclusive look at the gameplay, plot details, and release date.

Double Fine Productions’ 2005 platformer Psychonauts was a strange but fun game. Playing as Raz, the player had to venture through worlds that were based around each characters’ subconscious mind. It was a unique concept and one that was definitely memorable. A sequel was then crowdfunded in 2016 and, while its goal was $3,3million, it surpassed that by $500,000.

Psychonauts 2 picks up at the end of the virtual reality game Rhombus in the Rain and will see Raz unlocking the mystery of the Psychonauts Headquarters and discovering who he really is. The sequel aims to further expand upon Raz’s history and family, all while placing players back into familiar terrorities. The gameplay trailer also demonstrates more of the surreal and colurful landscapes that will be explored, once again, in the subconsious minds of various characters.

But the gameplay wasn’t the only aspect that was revealed. Psychonauts 2 will be coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows 10 on the 25th August this year. Which means that fans of the original game won’t need to wait much longer to revisit this strange world, and continue with Raz’s story and adventure!

The new gameplay trailer is below:

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