Dogs, Cats and UFOs at the E3 Indie Showcase!
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Dogs, Cats and UFOs at the E3 Indie Showcase!

One of Monday’s E3 panels belonged to the Indie Showcase. This panel was a back-to-back presentation of some of the upcoming indie titles that are due to come out this year and 2022.

And there were definitely a few that stood out from the crowd.

The first was Larcenauts. This is an animated space FPS, with similar humour to Guardians of the Galaxy and The Outer Worlds. It looks like a lot of fun and even better? It’s primarily a VR game! Larcenauts will be coming to Steam and Oculus Rift this summer.

Toy Soldiers will be coming to all consoles and Steam this August. This single player mode looks to re-enact WW1-style battles by using various toys and household items and landscapes, thus creating an interesting but fast-paced experience.

Moolander looks like a great, chaotic 4-player party game. Set in an animated world, players each control a UFO and pick up and throw cows across the map to try and outdo their opponent. It’s a fun take on the UFO abduction stereotype and looks like a silly but fun game. Moolander will be released in Spring 2022.

Image: Moolander (Indie Showcase E3)

Next up was B. ARK: Bio-Interstellar Ark. This is an animated space adventure game, where the player controls a team of space marine dogs! This looks to be both cute and challenging as you fly and shoot your way through the levels. B. Ark is coming soon to Steam and Nintendo Switch.

And lastly was the platformer Neko Ghost Jump. This is a puzzle-platformer that sees players control an adorable anime cat across various levels. However, the player must not only switch between 2D and 3D perspectives to complete each level (much like the 2012 game Fez), but the cats must also switch between their normal and ghost forms too. This looks adorable and unique and, as a fan of platformers, will be one I’ll definitely be looking out for.

The Indie Showcase has not only shown us some truly interesting games that are to come, but they’ve also managed to make my gaming wishlist much longer!

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