Kazuya Fights His Way To Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
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Kazuya Fights His Way To Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

When it comes to Nintendo, the talk of a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate character being added always comes up. And this year is no different; fan predictions ranged from Doom Guy (Doom) to even Crash Bandicoot (it’ll happen one-day orange fluffball…). But Nintendo managed to surprise everyone with Kazuya from the fighting series Tekken!

Along with the muscle, Kazuya brings new maps into the game based around Tekken and, according to the trailer, threatens to bring K.O after K.O (although he didn’t quite manage to defeat the mighty Kirby). He’ll also bring along his special attack: transforming into a gargoyle-like creature in order to unleash a powerful fire blast onto his enemies!

Despite the game being nearly three years old, Bandai Namco and Nintendo’s crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate is still going strong and continues to unleash a new character onto the battlefield every year. The last two additions were Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) and, maybe the strangest addition, Steve and Alex from Minecraft.

The new character is surprising but, due to his source game, could be a powerful fighter in the Smash battlefield. Kazuya will be available as a Downloadable character soon via the Nintendo Eshop.

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