Yooreka Studio Make Their Debut At E3!
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Yooreka Studio Make Their Debut At E3!

Founded in 2019, Yooreka Studio are an independent gaming company and held their first-ever E3 panel on Tuesday. A lot of games were announced, all ranging from different genres and below is a roundup of the games that were revealed.

The first game was Loopmancer. This is a side-scrolling roguelike set in a futuristic world, where the main character is stuck in a Groundhog Day type loop. As you progress through each loop, you not only learn new information but are also able to upgrade weaponry. The concept of a loop cycle game makes this a great introduction to the studio.

Metalmind was next. This is a pixelated space top-down shooter, where items and resources must be discovered in order to upgrade your mechanical character. The old-school art style is wonderful and colourful and the playable character looks adorable.

Swordsman X Survival is an open-world martial arts adventure. Engage in martial arts battles and build upon the land that you explore. Like the previous two titles, the art style looks beautiful, and it would come as no surprise if the game’s inspiration was Ghost of Tsushima. This game will be on Steam later this year.

Yooreka has also been working on a fantasy hack and slash with Tales of Wild. While you will battle monsters, it has similarities to Swordsman X Survival; build your base from scratch while hunting for equipment to help you survive. However, this game also aims to expand into an MMORPG where players will be able to battle with friends. Originally slated to release in 2021, Tales of Wild has now been delayed and will be on Steam in 2022.

The Immortal Mayor will be released on Steam today and holds some similarities to the next game Reshaping Mars. Both look like beautiful farming simulators. But while Immortal Mayor sees the player control a deity that builds up a town, Reshaping Mars is set on Mars and sees the player try and make the planet habitable. They both look intriguing and, if you want to try them for yourself, then the demo for Reshaping Mars is available on Steam now too.

Mohism was the last game to be announced. This is a gorgeous looking detective/martial arts game, in a similar vein to Ace Attorney. It looks fantastic and the artwork is similar to the 2007 Playstation 2 game Okami. Which is always a good sign! The Steam demo is also available now.

Similarly to Freedom Games, Yooreka Studio are another gaming company to look out for. Their first E3 presentation was a very strong one, containing games from a wide range of genres meaning there’s something for everyone here. And their games look fantastic, so what’s not to like here?

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