State of Play Returns For Summer

State of Play Returns For Summer

Sony seem to be making up for their absence from this year’s E3 convention as State of Play returns for summer.

It started off strong with a sequel to the fantastic PSVR game Moss. This third person VR experience is engaging and adorable, and the sequel, Moss: Book 2, looks to follow on from its predecessor in terms of its tone and visuals. While no release date was revealed, it’s still a strong start to State of Play.

Next was a debut by developers illphonic, called Arcadegeddon. This is a futuristic looking multiplayer game and, with a neon aesthetic, it looks engaging and gorgeous. And even better: early access is now open, with the full game being released in 2022. The survival action game Tribes of Midgard also looks interesting, with information revealed about its first season ahead of it’s 27th July release.

The next game showed was F.I.S.T, which comes out on 7th September, and it’s a steampunk-style platformer RPG where the player controls a mutant rabbit with a robotic arm. Next, the battle royale fighting game Hunter’s Arena Legends comes out on the 3rd of August. Set in Asia, this action-packed title is the first game announced for PS Plus members next month.

But no gaming conference would be complete without a space themed adventure and State of Play did not disappoint. Jett: The Far Shore arrives later this year and looks like a simplistic but beautiful spaceship adventure. In it, you fly to and explore alien landscapes and undiscovered planets. Hopefully the space travelling will be just as satisfying and smooth to play through as it looks.

“I know Kung-Fu.”

SIFU has been delayed to early 2022. The game has now introduced an “aging mechanic” where the main character will age after every restart but keep the same strength as their age progresses. The challenge is complete a run before age impacts proceedings. This unique gameplay loop is sure to add extra heat.

Lost Judgment promises a worthy follow up, to the acclaimed predecessor. While the game mechanics seem engaging, it’s the fidelity that especially stand out. This game is another reminder of how far game visuals have come in terms of technological achievement.

Another game that looks fantastic—and very accurate to its source material—is Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. Published by Sega, this arena fighting game comes out on the 15th of October. The game’s visuals look extremely accurate to the popular anime, and the original Japanese and English voice cast return to reprise their roles.

Kojima arrives on PS5

Last month, it was announced that Hideo Kojima’s divisive game Death Stranding would be getting a Director’s Cut. While a short trailer was shown, not many details were revealed then. But State of Play not only announced that this edition would be out on the 24th of September, and that fans can pre order the game now, but new combat mechanics and other features will be added.

Concluding with Arkane’s upcoming Deathloop, an extended look at the of Dishonored / Hitman-style gameplay was shown.

Despite these presentations appearing quite frequently, they rarely disappoint, and this was no exception.

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