Skater XL Devs Ousting Modder DawgVinci

Skater XL Devs Ousting Modder DawgVinci

DawgVinci, one of Skater XL’s most significant community members, is being threatened with legal action. According to a message from DawgVinci’s personal Discord, Easy Day Studios co-founder Dain Hedgpeth is claiming a cease and desist order unless all DawgVinci’s mods are removed from every platform. Dain is also urging DawgVinci to take down his Patreon following an already doled out ban on, Skater XL’s integrated mod-browser.

The reasoning behind this cease and desist isn’t entirely clear. Some members of the community are claiming it’s due to DawgVinci profiting off his content, and by extension, Skater XL—though without direct statements from Easy Day Studios, we can’t say for certain. It’s important to note we only have one side of the story, though that may be changing soon. The studio commented under JL Nightmare’s video claiming they’d release a statement later this week. This story will be updated with Easy Day’s statement after it’s been posted.

This news comes as a blow to the Skater XL community considering how much of its success has hinged upon community support. Skater XL released on Steam Early Access December 2018, launching into its official 1.0 status on July 28, 2020. After over a year of Early Access, Skater XL’s 1.0 added a small tracklist, a few playable skaters, some customization options, and two maps. Its community was largely disappointed with the official release, coinciding with the console release date, which would lead to a split community between consoles and PC.

Skater XL’s vanilla physics have been heavily criticized for being floaty and unrealistic, being at odds with marketing materials promising a true expression of skateboarding. Its core physics were so maligned that it drove jboogie, another popular modder, to start a petition asking the studio to allow stat modifications on consoles, a request which was denied by the developers. While Skater XL has a healthy modding community, DawgVinci’s XXL mod has become ubiquitous. Every noteworthy Skater XL content creator from Garret Ginner to Nightspeeds to Milky uses the XXL mod for a more realistic gameplay experience that more closely resembles the claims Easy Day Studios makes of it being the ultimate skateboarding game.

The XXL mod allows users to adjust stats including:

  • Pop force
  • High pop force
  • Gravity
  • Flip speed
  • Pump force
  • Push force
  • Manual pop force

The list goes on. It’s an extensive mod that has become integral to the game’s lifeblood. Considering Easy Day Studios is keen to allow its community to create content, as seen with its integrated browser, effectively banning DawgVinci leaves a sour taste for Skater XL fans.

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