Agency Esports: Summer of Esports Begins

Agency Esports: Summer of Esports Begins

Corporate Gaming League Agency Esports Announces ‘Summer of Esports’

Sheffield based gaming league Agency Esports returns, with Summer of Esports. Opening up their competitive pool to companies across the country, this is the gaming event to make your company proud. Taking place throughout August, each team will be duking it out on Warzone, Rocket League and 2v2 CS:GO Wingman respectively. If you want to experience the heat of battle, Agency Esports will streaming each event over at their Twitch.

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During the first season, 22 teams from 15 companies across the digital and creative sector battled it out to be crowned champion, raising £2,300 for charity and resulting in over 28,000 minutes of adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

Charities including Muscular Dystrophy UK, The National Autistic Society, Cancer Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society benefited from donations made by winning teams.

“We were thrilled by the response to our first season. The community feel, banter and camaraderie we saw showcased everything that’s great about gaming.” said Giorgio Cassella, Agency Esports’ Founder.

He added: As the games progressed, players developed their confidence and teams became more coordinated and collaborative – essential skills for the game AND for the workplace.”

Summer of Esports Press Release

Not only is this a fantastic way to enter the world of Esports, but a unique way to forge new professional connections. Spaces are filling up fast, but there is still time to get your team ready to win. You might even face off against the PLAY team, as we’ll try to bring football home on the pitches of Rocket League.

For more information, you can head over to the Agency Esports Twitter for regular updates as the season unfolds.

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