Stray Gameplay Revealed At Annapurna Showcase
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Stray Gameplay Revealed At Annapurna Showcase

Cat lovers rejoice, as Stray gameplay was revealed at the Annapurna Showcase. Stray was first introduced last year during State of Play, in which the PlayStation 5 release date and price were also announced.

Stray sees the player control an adorable cat who awakens injured in a futuristic city and must explore it in order to find its family.

Despite the initial teaser lasting around 30 seconds, it immediately left an impression on Playstation fans—that being a collective “awww,” and I am no exception to this. As a cat lover too, this game sounded fantastic. And now that gameplay footage has been revealed, my interest has peaked even more. The game looks like a fun platformer puzzle, as the titular stray cat must solve puzzles and cross hazardous terrain in order to progress. The game looks incredible and, with the Playstation 5’s advance in graphics, it looks to be a treat for players. It’s also great to see another platformer game on the Playstation.

Even if the gameplay hasn’t enticed you yet, there’s the fact that the game revolves around you playing a cat! What’s not to like? Because of this, there is room for wholesome interactions with the city’s strange robotic habitants. But beware: not all of them will be friendly. And the focal cat is not alone; the small drone B-12 will accompany the feline throughout the game and help it with various tasks, as well as acting as a translator when communicating with the habitants.

Stray arrives on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 early 2022.

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