All You Need To Know About Rogue Company Season Three

All You Need To Know About Rogue Company Season Three

Season Two may be coming to an end, but there is still time to grind the battle pass. Here’s all you need to know about Rogue Company Season Three.

Release Date

There has been some miscommunication on when Season Two will end. As per the official Rogue Company Twitter, players have until August 9th to finish off their battle pass. Notably, the image included specified incorrect dates. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to get a few cheeky games in. Fourteen weeks passed between Season One and Two respectively. Whilst there currently isn’t an official launch date, we can assume “The Kyoto Job” update will drop around August 10th/11th.

Battle Pass: Price, Rewards

Like previous updates, you’ll be glad to know Season Three will feature both a free and paid Battle Pass track. If you’re looking to looking to shell out some Rogue Bucks, there are two options available. For £7.99 / 1000 RB, players can purchase the “Battle Pass Base Bundle”. Upon purchase, three premium rewards and 20+ Battle Pass experience will be granted.

Not quite enough? The “Battle Pass Elite Bundle” at £16.99 / 2000 RB will unlock the latter rewards and 15+ Battle Pass tiers. As always additional Daily Rewards and Seasonal Challenges will be unlock boosts, camos, Rogue Bucks and more XP.

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New Rogue On The Block: Switchblade

Already making waves for their wicked speed, a new Rogue known as Switchblade will drop into battle. Despite her role being temporary, as far as lore is concerned, she is sure to make a scene. Armed with a devastating Chaos Launcher, Switchblade’s team role as a Breacher is set to make for some spicy plays. We’re looking forward to seeing your clips!

Switchblade Rogue breakdown:


  • Bounce Back
  • Beserker
  • Replenish
  • Toughen Up
  • Life Drain
  • Tenacity


  • Primary: MLX Mark 4
  • Primary: 24S
  • Secondary: Spitfire
  • Melee: Baseball Bat
  • Chaos Launcher (Fires a Napalm Warhead)

Fight and Flight will also grant players increased speed after using gadgets and abilities in the heat of battle.

King of The Hill 6v6 debut

Fans will be pleased to here King of The Hill is getting slightly bigger. Expanding to 6v6 skirmishes, the new mode will debut in place of core mode Extraction. Rounds will last for five minutes, building up to a 150 point victory. Players will be able to see where the next point of control will be, as well as gaining the ability to buy between deaths.

Patch Notes

First Watch Games haven’t released a Season Three patch notes list yet. However, the patch notes for the Switchblade Rogue update gave some insight onto weapon adjustments and balancing. You can check that out on the official Rogue Company website.

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