Pokémon Presents showcase: Arceus, Unite
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Pokémon Presents showcase: Arceus, Unite

Pokémon Presents showcase entertained fans of the long running RPG franchise this week, as thrilling new chapters were unveiled. Spanning across handhelds and mobile gaming, these promising instalments to Pokémon’s ever popular legacy have certainly piqued our interest. Here’s everything we know so far.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon fans banded together this week, as the first gameplay for Pokemon Legends: Arceus was revealed . Set in the Hisui region, at a time when humans and Pokemon aren’t peacefully co-existing yet, the player is tasked with researching Pokemon to help develop the very first Pokédex.

Refreshing the franchise with a unique perspective, this is an exciting sign of things to come. Pokémon Legends: Arceus continues to combine action and RPG elements, as the player is tasked with researching creatures outside of their home village. Opting for a seemingly more open-world approach, players have the freedom to explore the vast landscapes of the Hisui region.

Crafting items will also be introduced. Villagers will give you various tasks and objectives as you work with the Galaxy Team, the Pokémon research and surveying corps of the village. New Pokémon variations will be arriving too. These include a very fluffy Hisui Growlithe and a majestic looking Wyrdeer, the Hisui evolution of Stantler. However, it does also demonstrate that the Pokémon in this era are wild and dangerous, something that isn’t portrayed too much in previous games. Arceus arrives on Janaury 28th.

Pokémon Unite, a new chapter for mobile gaming

Pokemon Unite was released on 21st July for the Nintendo Switch and has quickly become the Pokemon game to play. Developed by The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group, Pokemon Unite is a free, online multiplayer strategic battle game. The game sees two teams of five players being placed in a match, with the map being split in half. The teams then score points by defeating non-playable wild Pokemon and, the team with the highest points by the end of the timed match wins.

It’s simple and easy to pick up and utilizes the mechanic of catching Pokemon very well and in a fun, competitive way.

Expanding to mobile devices on September 22nd 2021, Nintendo will be adding two new Pokémon: The Ice/Ground type Mamoswine and the Fairy Eevee evolution Sylveon.

2021 has been a special time for the Pokémon franchise. Revelling in the celebrations of its 25th franchise anniversary, fans have been digging into an assortment of multimedia collaborations. Notably, The Pokémon Company collaborated with Universal Music Group to release refreshed takes on familiar franchise songs. Check them out for yourself over at Spotify.


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