Saints Row Reboot hitting the streets early 2022
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Saints Row Reboot hitting the streets early 2022

The beloved Saints Row series is getting a full-reboot. With developer Deep Silver Volition back in the driver’s seat, the series is going to a brand-new location. The game is set to release on Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games Store February 25, 2022.

Saints Row is set in Santo Ileso, where lawless factions fight for power. Here, a young group of friends embark on their own criminal adventure trying to make their way to the top.

In usual Saints Row fashion, there’s a campaign full of action, criminality and laced with humour. Aside from that, Santo Ileso is the backdrop of a sandbox brewing with sidequests, criminal ventures and side hustles. You also get the chance to build your own criminal empire and take on the competition.

The developers promise the most extensive character creation ever in the series. Letting you create the criminal boss of your dreams. There’s also full co-op available. So you can find out who the real criminal boss among your friends is. The developers have already started to get the wheels in motion on Twitter too, with a in-depth announcement C.C.O Jim Boone.

Saints Row is up for pre-order on their website.

Could Saints Row be about to take the GTA crown? We’ll find out next year.

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