REVIEW: The Long Gate

REVIEW: The Long Gate

Next to platformers, puzzle games take their place in my favourite gaming moments. Whether its online puzzles or portal based traversal, the challenge is mostly an enthralling one. They’re not only easily accessible but are also gratifying when the answer is within reach… then The Long Gate arrived.

The Long Gate is a single-player puzzle game for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Travelling through an abandoned and mysterious facility to figure out an intricate mystery, players will need to complete puzzles based within the realm of real-world physics and circuitry.

Featuring a bevy of greenery from the natural world juxtaposed by glistening whites from the modern age, The Long Gate is an impressive visual feast. Backed by a sheen of polish the more my journey unfolded, I fell in love with the visual splendour on show. The Long Gate’s soundtrack helps elevate the eerie atmosphere. Much like the logic-based puzzle game Antichamber, the soundtrack is very subtle and only appears when necessary to either empathize the completion of a puzzle, or to announce the entry of a certain part of the facility.


Requiring calculated thinking and a reserved approach, the challenges are naturally tough. While some of them are logic based, others feature circuits and coding cyphers like binary code .However, the second I went to the facility’s elevator, with its eleven floors of puzzles progressively getting more difficult, the game suddenly went to hard mode.

Unlocking the code

Despite the availability of an easy mode (it also has a mode called “Engineer Mode,” which is the hardest mode), this still wasn’t enough help for me. Does that speak to my intelligence? Maybe, but it does bring up an important factor: this will not be a game for everyone and it does not hold the player’s hand. Clues are available in easy mode, but even then they are vague; the game wants the player to figure it out entirely on their own.

For someone who does not understand binary code or puzzles revolving around this, they were quite often a huge challenge. However, that does not mean I disliked the game; I quickly grew appreciative of Inductance’s approach to intellectual battles.

What mysteries await?

The Long Gate operates with at times infuriating difficulty. Yet, Inductance’s puzzler is a welcome addition to the genre. Gorgeous and unique, the execution of the puzzles is where The Long Gate proves its worth in a saturated genre. Just get your thinking caps on—maybe boot up Google too!



  • Visually stunning
  • Simple controls
  • Subtle but beautiful soundtrack


  • Very difficult gameplay
  • Vague clues quite often in easy mode

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