The Demo for The Night Is Grey Available Now

The Demo for The Night Is Grey Available Now

As a gaming journalist, it’s important to cast a spotlight on smaller indie games, as well as games from new developers. Recently, I was made aware of a point-and-click game coming later this year from new gaming studio Whalestork Interactive called The Night Is Grey.

The Night is Grey is a point-and-click adventure game set in the woods, and revolves around a young man, Graham, and a little girl as they search for her missing parents in the dangerous and mysterious forest. The demo is currently out on Steam and will be available for PC later in the year.

This game is a debut from the studio, who are a team of five people—and it’s a visually unique and beautiful introduction to Whalestork Interactive. The Night is Grey utilizes 2D hand-drawn character models, while the backgrounds and scenery are fully 3D animated. While this may sound strange in theory, what the player gets is a gorgeous looking game with some striking moments. Furthermore, the character models stand out wonderfully and are vibrant, even if the actual scenery is supposed to look grey and dull because of its initial setting.

The two main characters, Graham and the little girl, are sweet too. Graham, who the player controls, immediately has a quiet but caring nature about him and, when he encounters a little girl seemingly abandoned in her house, immediately wants to help her. The little girl is also charming. Despite her fierce manner at the start, she holds a child-like innocence, making her likable. When playing a game with this concept and dynamic, it’s important to get the characters right; the player needs to care about the characters that the story is focusing on and, if even one of the characters (for example the child) was horrible with no redeeming qualities, then the game wouldn’t be enjoyable to play. But Whalestork Interactive appear confident in their ability to give players likable characters from the start.

The other important aspect to get right are the controls and writing. Because the gameplay includes various retrieving tasks that are expected in point-and-click games, as well as multiple dialogue options which can help with plot progression, and the controls suit this style and are extremely responsive. This is a slow-paced game where the player will need to take their time to think over their options. Therefore, the control scheme is not only responsive, but easy to master due to the limitations that the genre of game provides. However, this isn’t a negative; it just means that the game is easily accessible for anyone who is wanting to try it out.

The Night is Grey is definitely a game worth showcasing. It’s a visually beautiful and unique-looking game, with wonderful main characters and intuitive gameplay. The writing is also fantastic, and the story is immediately engaging. Fans of point-and-click adventure games will like this and, if you want to play it, the demo is currently available on Steam.

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