Jason Kelley sat down with us last week to discuss breaking loops and bringing Colt Vahn to life in Arkane Studios DEATHLOOP.

Arkane Studios are making waves with their latest time-looper-shooter Deathloop. We’re thrilled to be able to share our interview with one of the game’s co-lead actors, Jason Kelley. With credits all over the industry, Kelley has certified himself an incredible talent in the V.O industry with his performance as Colt Vahn. Jason Kelley and myself get into all sorts of great stories from behind the scenes of Deathloop, as well as a cheeky exclusive on Kelley’s journey to PS5 greatness.

Deathloop absolutely lives and dies on its two central performances. Jason Kelley and Ozioma Akagha voice Colt and Julianna respectively, serving up two of the most memorable performances in recent memory. Bouncing off each other with the same feisty and infectious corny gusto that would make Rudy “Dolomite” Ray Moore proud, every interaction is as captivating as the last.

Sam Comrie, Editor-In-Chief

We’re over the moon to be able to kick off our new era of PLAY with a fantastic game and interview. If you haven’t picked up Arkane’s latest yet, it is only a matter of time before you do. Our Editor-In-Chief Sam Comrie gave the game a PERFECT score, in his review of the PlayStation 5 version. So strap in, relax and join us as our fresh, exciting era of content comes to PLAY. It’s great to have you with us.

Deathloop is Arkane operating at the height of their powers, offering up a simpler remodeling of their past approaches in a stylish, refined package. Upheld by virtuous world design, punchy combat, and a thrilling spin on the current time-loop trend, Deathloop deserves its place in the echelons of first-person-shooter greatness.

Sam Comrie, Editor-In-Chief

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