We sat down with Ozioma Akagha, the voice actor behind DEATHLOOP’s Julianna to discuss voice acting, Half Life Alyx and her role in DEATHLOOP.

Following our interview with Jason Kelley (Colt Vahn), it is only fitting we bring you Deathloop’s villainous co-lead, Ozioma Akagha (Julianna Blake). Ozioma was a sheer delight to talk to. Hopefully, like Jason, we can all help to get her hooked up with a certain Sony console in the near future. It’s a real pleasure and an honor to feature both actors on JumpCut PLAY. We hope you enjoy this interview, and if you did, please leave a like and subscribe for more content like this in the future.

Deathloop absolutely lives and dies on its two central performances. Jason Kelley and Ozioma Akagha voice Colt and Julianna respectively, serving up two of the most memorable performances in recent memory. Bouncing off each other with the same feisty and infectious corny gusto that would make Rudy “Dolomite” Ray Moore proud, every interaction is as captivating as the last.

Sam Comrie, Editor-In-Chief

We’re really thrilled by the response to our new direction, especially when it comes to our YouTube content. Your support is incredibly valued. Thank you for watching and of course…pick up Deathloop!

Deathloop is Arkane operating at the height of their powers, offering up a simpler remodeling of their past approaches in a stylish, refined package. Upheld by virtuous world design, punchy combat, and a thrilling spin on the current time-loop trend, Deathloop deserves its place in the echelons of first-person-shooter greatness.

Sam Comrie, Editor-In-Chief

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