REVIEW: Gioteck HC2 Headset (Xbox Edition)
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REVIEW: Gioteck HC2 Headset (Xbox Edition)

Gioteck has always been on the budget side of the market when it comes to headsets, and the addition of the HC2 is no exception. Coming in at an affordable £19.99, the HC2 offers a jumping-on point for game audio headsets. Tested on both the Xbox Series S and PS5, it provided a mixed bag of results.

The build quality of the HC2 is solid. I’m not the biggest fan of headsets, normally opting for in-ear earphones, but this set did provide a pleasant experience. The earpads are comfortable and don’t cause any issues even after a long period of time. The pads are large enough to fit over my ears, avoiding any uncomfortable pinches. For myself, the headband fits perfectly, but an adjustable strap does come standard, allowing for larger or smaller fits. There is a small amount of soft padding for added comfort, but this added little to my overall experience of the headset.

Price and build aside, this set is very basic when it comes to audio capabilities. There are no spatial audio elements, meaning that hectic gunfights in games such as Destiny 2 become a difficult listening experience. Adding voice chat on top of that causes further issues and an overall negative experience. Forza Horizon 4, a game that prides itself on its audio, does give the headset more of a fighting chance. The engines still sound powerful but are noticeably tinnier. The soundtrack to the Horizon festival, a key element of the game, is also drowned out due to the lacking audio depth of the headset.


This set is as basic as can be, and that is not a criticism. If you are on a budget and want to get closer to your game or need to avoid waking up your significant other during a late-night gaming session, these will do the job. Outside of gaming, the headset provides a pleasant music listening experience, which partly circumvents the hollow audio that it can provide in-game.

Overall, the Gioteck HC2 is a good step up from simple chat audio headsets that won’t break the bank. Need a simple pair after your current set up broke and you’re waiting on a newer more pricey set to arrive? These will capably fill that gap. Don’t expect the world from them—but at £19.99, you can’t complain.

[A headset was provided by Gioteck for the purposes of this review]


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