REVIEW: Gang Beasts (Nintendo Switch)

REVIEW: Gang Beasts (Nintendo Switch)

There are few games out there that have made me laugh quite as hard as Gang Beasts. Released on consoles a few years ago, I’ve hosted some epic sessions where words were screamed, fists were thrown in the air, and in-game headbutts were dished out. As if this wasn’t fun enough, Gang Beasts has hit the road with its portal release on Nintendo Switch. 

Bringing Gang Beasts to the Switch, in many ways, feels like a match made in heaven. It encapsulates the run-and-gun style of gameplay that I find the Switch excels in. Whether it is 10 minutes in bed, or a full session with the Switch docked, you’re going to be laughing your ass off regardless. It is filled with a bunch of modes that range from solo to co-op to even online, and while they might not all hold the same level of entertainment, there is something here for every kind of player. 

It speaks to the ingenuity of Gang Beasts, that it works so well on Switch. With its range of stupid character outfits and small maps, throwing people off ledges is fun pretty much all the time. Whether you are hanging on for dear life on the side of a truck or headbutting the final cable on a sky-high elevator. I genuinely cried with laughter when my brother grasped onto a single strand of my hair to desperately pull himself from death. 


It was delightful to find that the base experience remains relatively unchanged on Switch. With its low-detail textures and lovable physics, this is Gang Beasts through and through. The full experience is here as well, with new maps and all. Of course, the added benefit here is that you can split the Switch up and instantly square off with a mate wherever you are. 

Sharing a single wide view means that Gang Beasts is totally playable on the single handheld screen. However, you’d definitely benefit from the extra dimension and popping colors of the Nintendo Switch OLED, which I was lucky enough to play Gang Beasts on. Even then, however, you may feel a small strain, but this just comes with the territory of a seven-inch screen.

The real issue that arises when taking the Gang Beasts experience on the go is the comfortability of the Joycons. Gang Beasts relied on you controlling the grip of each individual arm. You’ll be using this to hold onto ledges, climb walls, or launch a friend to their certain death. It’s one of the most unique elements of the game, and at the heart of the game’s comedy. 


Splitting up the Joycons can feel quite uncomfortable when you are playing with a friend, especially if you have larger hands as I do. This is an issue across most co-op Switch games, and it is somewhat eased by the attachable bumpers. It is only a mentionable issue here because you will essentially never let go of those damn buttons. Quite often after a short session, my fingers would hurt, as continually clamped down on those tiny little buttons. I mean, if you were about to feed a fellow gang beast to a giant squid tentacle, you would grip tightly too. 

Large hand struggles aside and the Switch version of Gang Beasts controls exactly the same. You won’t feel like you are playing on a less capable platform here. This is a near-like for like port, whether you are playing solo, locally, or online. 

That brings us to the final conclusion. Is Gang Beasts worth picking up on Nintendo Switch? Or should you opt for the far cheaper console original? In all fairness, as fun as Gang Beast is it is a hard £25 pill to swallow. But let’s say you aren’t looking at the far more appreciable £10 price tag elsewhere, then Gang Beast on Switch is a bit of a no-brainer. 

It brings everything you love about Gang Beasts and fits it in a smaller package with virtually no technical drawbacks. People with larger hands may want to shell out for a Pro Controller while playing in co-op if you want to avoid an early case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Outside of that though you can take your feud from the living room and continue it while you wait for the kettle to boil. Or wherever else those weird Nintendo ad people are playing their Switches these days. It may be small, but Gang Beasts on Switch still deals out a mean headbutt. 



  • Immense fun with friends
  • Loveable charm
  • Always hilarious


  • Control scheme
  • Better played with a controller if possible

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