Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man Preview Breakdown

Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man Preview Breakdown

In August of 2020, it was announced that the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler would be coming to Marvel’s Avengers. And now, more than a full year later, a preview of his gameplay has been revealed over at IGN.

Kicking this preview into high gear, we see Spidey excitedly swinging into battle and landing next to some of the other Avengers, followed by a cut to him web-swinging through a moonlit city. After this is when we start getting a closer look at how Spidey’s combat works. We see wide, agile motions blending into fast, zippy kicks, punches, and dodges. He’ll also occasionally use his webs to move in quickly on an enemy or to drag them closer to him. If you’ve played Spider-Man on PS4, a lot of this should seem familiar – but just how polished it feels remains to be seen.

Has Square Enix spun their last web?

Aside from just standard attacks, Spidey, much like other characters in the game, gets a few special abilities. The first of which is the Web Bomb, which is a grenade type gadget that webs up any enemies in range, making them easier to deal with. Secondly, there’s the Spider-Drone, a small AI-controlled little robot that will aid you in fighting the bad guys.

This little bot, akin to gadgets seen from iconic 90s animated TV show, can also be set to either follow you or roam particular parts of the area. And lastly is Spidey’s ultimate ability, titled the Wrecking Ball. In this attack Spidey will create a big ball of web that he’ll slam in the ground, damaging any enemy in its area of effect.

When you aren’t fighting, you will of course get the chance to explore a little bit. And in true Spidey fashion, you will of course be able to web swing. Sure, you could run on the ground as well, but why would you when you can THWIP!

Spider-Man will unfortunately not get any unique story missions. He does apparently get an introductory cutscene, but beyond that, do not expect everyone’s favorite webhead to get any real story content. As for unlockables, however, there will seemingly be a good amount of unique costumes to unlock for Spidey – from a classic Steve Ditko-inspired look to the Noir costume seen recently in Into The Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man will be coming to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th, exclusively for Playstation consoles.

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