REVIEW: Doom 3 – VR Edition

When I think of the Doom franchise, I think of both Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal—I think it is safe to say most modern gamers will. By that manner of thinking, Doom is wide-open hellscapes, rip-roaring weapons, and…

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Evolve or Die

The games industry has been through quite a change in the last half-decade. Its newfound evolutionary nature has allowed games to develop with the needs of their player bases. It…


Warzone: Iteration Royale

For well over a decade, the Call of Duty franchise has been resolutely one thing: the place to go for fast-paced first-person shooting in a multiplayer setting. It is a franchise that seldom strays…


REVIEW: Lonely Mountains Downhill

After a year of being cooked up indoors, it is nice to feel the wind through your hair, hear the chirping of the birds, and take in breaths of fresh…