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Skater XL Devs Ousting Modder DawgVinci

DawgVinci, one of Skater XL’s most significant community members, is being threatened with legal action. According to a message from DawgVinci’s personal Discord, Easy Day Studios co-founder Dain Hedgpeth is…

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Metro Exodus: The Next-Gen Difference

Two years after its initial PC and last-gen console release, 4A Games brings us Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition. Offered as a free upgrade for existing owners, this newest iteration puts…

Metro Exodus Key Art

REVIEW: Metro Exodus

Having been founded by former Stalker developers, 4A Games struck gold with Metro in a way GSC Game World never did. Both series share similarities regarding their oppressive atmospheres and…

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The Modern Naughty Dog Conundrum

It’s easy to see why the gaming industry is enamored with Naughty Dog. They consistently deliver high-quality experiences that make contemporaries feel like they’re five years behind the times whether…