REVIEW: 12 Minutes

Being able to live a day over and over where my significant other makes my favourite dessert followed by a visit from Willem Dafoe is a dream I never knew…


REVIEW: The Ascent

As soon as you boot up The Ascent, you are plunged into a cyberpunk world, clearly taking inspiration from Philip K. Dick. The Vangelis-esque score echoes around the corporate-run metropolis…


The Healing Power of Bloodborne

Self-doubt has played a large part in my life. In some way or another, it has affected me since secondary school, which in turn had an effect on my self-confidence….


The Joy of Movement in Apex Legends

Released in 2019, Apex Legends brought Titanfall 2-style multiplayer to the battle royale format. Despite missing out on a few fan favourite elements, such as wall running and universal use…


A Soulsborne Lockdown

Video games have proved to be an escape from the real world over the past year, whether you’re cruising the virtual country lanes of Britain in Forza Horizon 4 or…