Lara Croft: Explorer of Ultimate Horrors

Gaming was, as a child, always quite the experience. Even with games that were “child-friendly,” I would constantly cower in fear at enemies that popped out at me unexpectedly. But…


KUUKIYOMI: (Re)considering Microgames

Nintendo’s WarioWare series logged its tenth installment in early September, and with it returned my fondness for its distinctive microgame format. While their larger counterparts, minigames, can take the form…

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta: Was it good?

Sam and Aaron checked out the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, and ask the question: was it good? Follow us on our socials! https://twitter.com/JumpCut_PLAY https://www.instagram.com/jumpcut_play/ Our podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/5U2OkLr… Support The Team:…


What Do We Want From PSVR2?

With PSVR2 supposedly releasing next year, Aaron and Kyle have a chat about the last few years of VR, and what they would hope to see in the next-gen of…