Project 007

Project 007 Could Be Incredible

IO Interactive are bringing Bond games back to the world. This could be an incredible chapter for the franchise. Sam also discusses Bond games of the past. Follow us on…

KH3 promotional art

How Time Travel Changed Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, the beloved Square Enix series and Tetsuya Nomura’s sandbox, doesn’t shy away from the occasional convoluted storyline or retcon. Time travel as a plot feature becomes a big…


Is Agent 47 the Ultimate Time-Traveler?

Cool, sharply dressed, and seamless in the execution of his duties, Agent 47 is the hero (make that anti-hero) of the Hitman franchise. He’s a first-class assassin, he’s also gaming’s…


How Papers Please Steals Your Time

Lucas Pope’s 2013 game Papers Please has been rightfully celebrated for the way it utilises aesthetics and gameplay to provide the experience of being a powerless arm of an authoritarian…