A creepy figure shrouded by black smoke is to the right of the image and has a pari of lage white eyes with grey outlines above it. The words 'Song of Horror Complete Edition' are on the left of the image
REVIEW: Song of Horror Complete Edition
Chivalry 2 Promo
REVIEW: Chivalry 2
Rad Ghost
REVIEW: The Big Con Demo
REVIEW: Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Episode INTERmission
The main character of Umurangi Generation. They're stood, holding a camera with a large lens. They're wearing what appears to be a bomber jacket. The logo for the game sits in the bottom left.
REVIEW: Umurangi Generation is the GOTY, Again
Maggie Robertson Interview promo
Interview: Maggie Robertson (“Lady Dimitrescu”) – Resident Evil Village
PLAYCast EP 21 promo
PLAYCast #21: – E3 2021 Predictions
PLAYCast 20 promo
PLAYCast Episode #20: – Is The PlayStation 5 worth it?
REVIEW: Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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