In Sound Mind

REVIEW: In Sound Mind

We Create Stuff’s In Sound Mind is the latest in what has been a long line of indie horror games over the past decade. In a post-Amnesia world, the independent…

devotion review featured

REVIEW: Devotion

**The following review is not spoiler free** Making art is hard. Painting, music, or film, it doesn’t matter what form it takes, it all requires labour. Sometimes that work has…


Silent Hill 2: Playing a Nightmare

Nineteen years removed from the game’s initial release on the PlayStation 2, there is not a lot that hasn’t been said about the now-legendary Silent Hill 2. Releasing just shy…


Lavender Town: A Ghost Story

Lavender Town.  It sounds sweet on paper, like Parma Violets. Just another stop on the map, a home away from home; it’s the only other town besides Pallet Town in…