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REVIEW: Crown Trick

Crown Trick is a charming turn-based roguelike where you play as Elle. With the help of a mysterious crown, Elle has to make her way through The Nightmare Realm to…

Spiritfarer key art. The name of the game appears at the bottom, the art is of painterly waves with a large boat sailing across them.

REVIEW: Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer puts you at the helm of the afterlife. Death is one of those things in life that’s a bit taboo to talk about. It makes people uncomfortable, they don’t…

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Roguelike Despot’s Game Announced

Konfa Games showed off their latest roguelike game Despot’s Game. In this roguelike, you create a human army to fight the turbo-charged battles for you. Sacrifice your pawns and get…


REVIEW: Forgotten Fields

I know some may think what I’m about to say is sycophantic, but writing can be a very difficult task. No matter what type of media you write for, sometimes…