REVIEW: Just Die Already

Just Die Already tells the gut-wrenching story of an old person as they wake up one day, fed up with their retirement home. So the old person goes on a…


REVIEW: Biomutant

Biomutant is the debut game by developers Experiment 101, and it’s an action/role-playing game that follows a mutated rodent that is an inhabitant of the New World, an Earth that has regrown after…


The Healing Power of Bloodborne

Self-doubt has played a large part in my life. In some way or another, it has affected me since secondary school, which in turn had an effect on my self-confidence….

God Will Fall Featured

REVIEW: Gods Will Fall

It sure has been a while since I stuck my teeth into a roguelike and even after a good break from the genre, Gods Will Fall does not instil a…


REVIEW: Black Desert Online (PS4)

MMOs have always been a strange genre for me, but I’ve dabbled in a few over my video game playing career. I remember playing RuneScape back in the day when…


REVIEW: Spider-Man Miles Morales

There’s a moment early in Insomniac’s latest visit to New York that really encapsulates what makes Spider-Man as a character and figure so special. Miles Morales, our newly minted hero,…